The Freshest Ideas in Digital

Our approach is unique, our methods well developed, our process repeatedly proven to be successful, and our results are top notch.

Our work



FRSH changed the way fans engaged with events, their friends and the world by creating a real-time gamification experience integrated with a fully-functional 2nd screen.



With the launch of a new vehicle, Porsche needed to highlight features using dynamic creative mobile ads backed by a strong media campaign.



An application that features lifestyle content from top brands in a unique digital solution.



FRSH created a user generated content platform for basketball fans in Brazil to create, engage and see content on the web and on a social wall during the NBA Global Games in Rio.


Home Depot

A social platform campaign designed to drive awareness that increased reach and created social conversations in an engaging landing experience.



Our voice application teaches kids to give back by staying active. The skill not only creates awareness for UNICEF, but allows kids to participate in fun and active games that addresses hunger in third-world countries.


Democracy Live

Its an important election this fall, and it makes sense to give voters an opportunity to hear candidates from every contest, so say Ballot to Alexa, and find out about political races in your area.


Meth Project

As the Agency of Record for multiple states with the Drug Partnership Initiative, FRSH handled everything from social, to media buying to experiential to keep teenagers away from drugs.


Security APP

A multinational wanted to develop a security app using Beacon technology for their global offices in case of fire or theft, so they called FRSH.