Fresh Digital Group is the Agency on Record for The Meth Project, a national nonprofit program under the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids. Central to The Meth Project’s mission is research-based campaigning designed to communicate the risks of Meth use to teens on a local level. Responsible for the full-service program, we manage everything from social, media buying and planning, to creative across digital platforms and innovations.


Fresh Digital Group has created and implemented full media plans to efficiently reach the Meth Project’s target audience. We have been involved rejuvenating all social channels with unified messaging and engaging content, and ensured extensive reach and increased follower base. We also developed integrated research-based campaigns for state web pages and mobile landing pages – a definitive source for information about Meth for teens, supported by hard-hitting TV, radio, print, online, and rich media mobile campaigns that communicate the risks of Meth use.


Social Platforms


The Meth Project National

Increased the follower base on Facebook with 80% by acquiring 25K new followers organically.
Reached over 2M people on Facebook organically, generating 55K+ engagements.
Increased Instagram follower base with 1,800%.


  • 75% increase in Facebook audience, by acquiring over 30K new followers.
  • A post reach of over 3.4M on Facebook, generating 250K engagements.
  • 50% increase in Instagram follower base.
  • Creation and maintenance of organic Snapchat channel.
  • Implementation and execution of branded Snapchat filters, reaching over 40K+ in a few hours.


  • Overall pre-roll completion rate of 75%.
  • Pre-roll registered CTRs 60% higher than its complementary display creatives.
  • Display CTR trend: Optimizations saw success with a 133% jump in CTR from 1st month-long flight to the 2nd month-long flight.
  • Increased follower base on Facebook with 12%, reaching 2.5M+ people, generating 35K+ engagements.
  • 40% increase in Instagram follower base.

Rise Above Colorado:

  • Produced CTRs at 430% above industry benchmarks.
  • Implementation of new strategies such as Snapchat filters, with extensive reach and high ROIs.