We are constantly searching for what is next. We use forward thinking to grow and evolve our passions and strengths through our Techlab.


We look to virtual and augmented reality to create captivating branded narratives and immersive experiences.

Our 360 production sister company, ONNA, looks at every angle of the latest in video and technology to improve and enhance the user experience. As video is and will remain paramount to consumer engagement, it is important for us to provide continual innovation in this industry segment.


Need something delivered? Just kidding, we aren’t worried about your groceries. We are more concerned with how to make every drone trip count and flight patterns efficient. This is empowered by the first-party data across markets drones are flying through.

Fresh Digital Group has patented the sending of push notifications through Drone and Beacon technology, allowing for interactions through real-time content that users crave. With the ability to program drones along specific flight patterns, we are able to easily collect first-party data across markets.


We think Beacons got a bad wrap. Pidgeon-hole into one tiny vertical. We say forget that. At Fresh Digital Group, we are combining our Fresh Beacon technology with drones, apple watches, and rich media solutions- enabling us to share information across all mobile networks in real time. We manage this from the web: communicate, engagement, profile rules, analytics, dashboard and fences.

Fresh software developer kits (SDKs) empower client applications with proximity beacons, geofencing, notifications, privacy, and profiling. Oh, and did we forget to mention that Fresh digital group is currently the only company that has a provisional patent application for combining these two technologies?


As the quick adoption of wearable technology becomes more mainstream, the Apple Watch continues to lead the way. This is especially true as the Apple Watch is refined and developed for everyday application.

At Fresh Digital Group, we’ve been utilizing this data correctly to improve brand/customer experience to foster brand loyalty. Savvy marketers will need to look at the Apple Watch as both a means of communicating with consumers and a source of consumer data to keep up.


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