You will find us at the crossroads of tech and creativity. We design for people in pursuit of a beautiful, simple experience.

Concept, product architecture/wireframe sitemaps, interactive graphic design, UI/UX, digital production

We provide cutting edge digital technology with a team of developers who speak the language of robots. We develop a wide variety of applications truly native for a feature-packed offline experience to fit all mobile platforms that incorporate key features and must-have services. Fresh Digital Group is platform agnostic: we strategically hand pick solutions as well as develop API’s. We create new and FRESH experiences for every client.

Custom mobile app development: native & hybrid, fresh beacons, web development, responsive/html5, platform integration & SDKs

With over 20 years of experience, Fresh Digital Group enables our clients to have a mobile-first focus. We combine technology and our own experience to drive returns both on the back-end of technology and on the front-end of creative. We build cutting edge strategies right here in NYC, but our agile, client focused approach enable us to see beyond our in-house technologies to incorporate best-in-class vertical solutions from around the world.

Our understanding of the rapidly advancing mobile landscape, combined with our technical expertise and consumer brand insights allows us to reach ideal audiences with maximum impact.

By understanding the user interactions, sharing, journey and how social-specific touch points shortens processes across devices, Fresh Digital Group’s holistic social campaigns make sure your goals are met, and exceeded.

The key to winning with content marketing and social in mobile is to make the best possible impression at each touch point across the user experience. FRSH understands the user interactions, sharing, journey and how social-specific touch points shortens processes across devices.

Either you want to improve your organic content, introduce paid initiatives to one or more of your platforms, increase the follower base or boost your reach, we develope a custom offering that manages everything social from planning, strategy creative, influencers, etc. based on your specific KPI’s.

Our services include:

  • Discovery and Social Audit
  • Strategy and Planning
  • Authentic Content Creation
  • Campaign Execution
  • Community Building
  • Social Influencer Utilization
  • Real Time Platform Management Optimization
  • Sophisticated Analysis & Reporting
  • Snapchat Geofilters
  • Custom Emoji Keyboards & iMessage Stickers
  • Conversational Agents (Chatbots)
  • Implementation of Beacons and Artificial Intelligence

Platforms we specialize in:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Linkedin
  • Snapchat
  • Chatbot Enabled Messaging Platforms

Fresh Digital Group learns and enhances the way people discover, share, and engage with
different media solution outlets.

We create meaningful touchpoints to cut through the complexities of the multi-channel landscape, and help build sustainable practices using data-driven expertise and insights to inspire consumers to take action.

We emphasize on customer engagement as our most important metric throughout every media campaign. We believe that a strong customer-brand relationship is the Holy Grail to success and to outperform any set standard.

Our proprietary tools and technologies give us the necessary insights to affirm: we know what works, and our expert team will make your investment work harder.

Our unique model enables you to connect with the media world in deep and meaningful ways by adding value to the media experience, rather than trying to interrupt it.

  • Research and Analysis
  • Media Strategy
  • Investment Planning
  • Media Activation, Optimization & Execution

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