About FRSH

We Create Voice Creative Solutions

FRSH was designed from day one to help clients manage a complete voice AI ecosystem, and as a result we don’t follow this approach of chaining several black boxes together to form a system, instead we focus on end-to-end modelling.

Skills Design

We are designing solutions for Amazon Alexa And Google Home to enhance your customer's journey.

Digital Strategies

We deliver compelling experiences to our clients and their customers through Voice marketing.

An Innovative Marketing Agency

Entering the New Voice Era

If you're still wondering if you should jump on the voice-controlled trend, here are four more things to consider:

Business Voice Strategies

Your company needs a strategy for voice technology. Voice assistants, smart speakers, and all manner of voice-first technology have enjoyed remarkable growth and adoption. Our team is here to write your future voice roadmap.

Technologies And Voice Innovations

The upsurge in the use of voice-controlled devices has rocked the way we, as people, behave. Supporting system transformation through the adoption of voice innovation that enhance value to your business.

Data Management

Our solutions exist to help marketing professionals navigate through voice interfaces. By uttering a single voice command to a voice assistant, marketers can retrieve meaningful datas and insights.

Optimization and updates

We aim to provide business owners, marketers and digital marketing specialists with the best voice updates to get permanent results from their voice actions.

An Award-winning company

Building Smarter Speaker Skills

With more than 700 hundred skills already running for our clients, we are providing Voice solution to improve your customer's relationship. We are problem solving oriented and we can help you immediately on these categories or built a custom made Voice solution :

Communication skills
Analytical and Research
Flexibility Adaptability
Ability to make decisions and solve problems
Ability to plan and organize works
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Best Works

We have had the opportunity to work on some great projects and with some great clients.

Our Creative Clients

Our clients are diverse. But they all share an unreasonable drive for building brands around Voice:

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